Hello!  I'm Pia Soy, founder of the Pia clothing line.  Like you, I love expressing myself through what I wear.  I also think clothes also have a profound effect on our attitudes and how we feel.

However, having an apple-shaped body makes it difficult to find clothes that fit and reflect our style.  We have to search through an entire store for silhouettes that work with our shape, and oftentimes they aren't in our style.  Because we don't have the time and energy to keep looking, we settle for uninspiring or ill-fitting pieces.   

So I thought, what if it was easy to find on-trend clothes that fit when we visit a store online or IRL? What if the store curated its merchandise according to our body's proportions? What if we had a closet full of pieces that made us feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable? Shopping would be more fun. Getting dressed would be easier and more exciting. And we would step out into the world every day feeling confident, comfortable and authentic.

The Pia clothing line was born out of my passion for fashion and a need to make positive shopping experiences for women with an apple body type. When you come to our site, you can expect to find clothes that are thoughtfully designed to celebrate your curves.   We want you to focus on the fun part of shopping which is picking the prints, colors and style details you like.  We started with  a versatile, go-to, show-stopping wrap dress specifically for your beautiful apple figure.  We have more designs coming your way soon!